Anne-Laure is a rare, and extraordinarily gifted interpreter, and so much more! Her words, inflection, and emotion are the link between my thoughts and the hearts and minds of my audiences. When I work with Anne-Laure, the act of translation becomes transparent and the differences in language become the bridge to a fun, easy and deeply meaningful experience. Thank you Anne-Laure for helping me to be at my best for the audiences that entrust me with their minds.
Gregg Braden
Five-time New York Times bestselling author, scientist and educator

In my seminars, I often have very delicate and nuanced dialogues with individuals and their concerns. Anne-Laure is so capable at this level of interpreting that sometimes I think the participants understand better than if I were a native speaker. When lecturing the translation is extremely fluid, as well. She is able to translate the affect of what is being said as well as the literal meaning, my English flowing seamlessly into her French.
Robert D. Waterman, Ed.D.
Spiritual educator, founder of Southwestern College

Listening to Anne-Laure interpret, is akin to an experience in channeling. She does more than translate one human language to another – much more than translate the ‘mere’ word. She translates the speaker’s ENERGY, their vibration, and very few interpreters can do this. I’ve watched her perform in communion with Joe Dispenza, Dawson Church, Lissa Rankin and Gregg Braden and felt how she conveyed their full intention with each inspired word and gesture. And every time, without fail, you are privy to a precious human performance with something else stirring deep in the background…
Lisa Edmondson
EFT practitioner

Anne-Laure has the ability to transmit the original meaning of the teachings that pass through her, while preserving the integrity of the universal vibration at the origin of the words used to share the teachings she chooses to transmit. This line of conduct allows the listener to have a double reference and to reconnect with the living memories of other times and places, and thus experience the power of active transformation. Her ultra-sensitivity, Joy, commitment and personality make her unique. Dear Anne-Laure, may you shine everywhere, on every continent, so that we may together, as Listeners, Interpreters and Teachers, co-create the art of Loving.
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